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Former Sacramento Bee staff writer, Mark McDermott’s book, “Touching All the Bases” inspired John Mikacich to organize our small group of local baseball enthusiast to create this website in order to digitize and share Mark McDermott’s extensive research and collection of local baseball history. Thanks to Mark’s data we were able to create a custom database which highlights past Sacramento players’ professional journey as well as current players’ progress in making it to The Show.  Sacramento remains a hotbed for baseball talent and each year, several local players will be drafted or signed by MLB teams. However, only a very small percentage will actually make it to the big leagues.

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Mark McDermott

Writer, Researcher, Blogger & Local Baseball Historian

You can contact Mark directly by email at:  egmacker@yahoo.com

Mike de Necochea / 95814 Digital / McClatchy Baseball

Website Developer, Administrator, Writer, Blogger & Sponsor

Head Varsity Baseball Coach – C.K. McClatchy High School

You can contact Mike directly by email at: mike@95814digital.com

Dungaamaa “Sunny” Ma / 95814 Digital

Website Architect, Graphic Designer, Website Support

John Mikacich / Limelight Bar & Cafe

 Website Contributor & Sponsor

Jeff & Gina Vanacore

Website Contributors